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Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort in Japan
Opening in Spring 2021

The opportunity to stay in a beautiful sustainable treehouse

Located on a small Island that offers sustainable tourism whilst helping the local community and preserve nature for future generations.

Having from a young age always wished to stay in a treehouse (watched the family robinson film far to many times!) this looks idyllic with sustainability at the heart of this enterprise.

Treeful is a brand new luxury resort that will have four very unique treehouses on the banks of the Genka river on the Okinawa Island - the fifth largest Island of Japan.

One of the treehouses is right up in the canopy offering 360 degree views of the jungle and river. Another treehouse is in a shape of an egg and was once a boat that has been transformed and placed on a platform of straw to look like a nest with a very unique door.

All treehouses will have an outdoor area to sit and read and enjoy the unusual noises of the jungle and the calming running water of the river below.

A floating walkway from each of the "treehouses" takes you to a larger Aerohouse that has relaxation rooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. There will also be an outside pool on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean for everyone to enjoy.

This sustainable resort will be powered by solar energy and they are currently re-building a water mill at the Shizogumui waterfall. They even have Donna (goat) the grass eater to keep the grass "mowed" so no mechanical mower is used that would require fossil fuels.

This area is home to the Ryukyu mountain turtles (which are endangered) that the resort is to help save this species from extinction.

A wonderful place to relax and enjoy the forest (trekking to find the waterfall) beach and sea (kayaking, paddle boarding) whilst helping the local community and sustain the environment.

For more information take a look here:

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