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Chumbe Island Coral Park located off Zanzibar

Award winning not-for-profit private nature reserve

Chumbe Island Coral Park is the first financially self-sustained marine protected area in the world, located off Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean.

A private nature reserve since 1991 that has ecotourism enterprises at its heart that features a protected coral reef sanctuary, forest reserve and Eco lodge.

This is owned by a not-for-profit organisation that allows visitors to the Island to support the local community, conservation, research and education programs for local schools.

This beautiful Island is unhabitated and as a marine protected area there is a maximum of 14 person allowed on at any one time

Either visit for the day or you can stay over in one of the seven eco-bungalows - that all face the sea and can walk to the beach - which have near zero impact on the environment. This is achieved by rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy, solar water heating, composting toilets and vegetative greywater filtration.

When staying overnight the rare nocturnal Coconut Crabs (also known as Robber crab) are an amazing sight, which are the largest land crab in the world.

Snorkeling in the coral reef sanctuary is a "must" to see the most beautiful reefs with 400 fish species in the region. The Island is also 90% covered by tropical dry forest and a guided walking tour is offered to share information about the wealth of bird species, crustaceans, non-poisonous snakes and lizards that can be found in the forest. Also the Island is home to some endangered species such as the Ader's Duiker (mini-antelope) Roseate Terns (bird) and Marine turtles.

In August and September humpback whales pass the Island and can either be seen from the lighthouse or the calling sounds can be heard whilst snorkling in the water.

A historic lighthouse (powered by a solar system), built in 1904, provides spectacular views of the turquoise seas between Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. The former lighthouse keepers’ house is now a Visitors’ centre, restaurant and a small gift shop that supports the local community selling hand made Zanzibar products.

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