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Sustainable Travel Tips

I cannot wait until I can travel again. My current bag has been everywhere with me for the last 10  plus years....and feel its time to upgrade.... but which luggage/brand?    

Here are a few suggestions of bags that offer eco-friendly and sustainable options for business or leisure trips. 

Samsonite - well known Global brand  - was the first luggage brand to offer eco-friendly luggage. Offers a wide choice of stylish suitcases that are repurposed from post-consumer and plastic waste from their own production lines.  

Solgaard are on a mission to turn ocean plastic waste into premium goods.  They offer an award-winning carry-on-closet suitcase that has patented  built in shelving (don't even have to take your clothing out of the bag), USB charging point.   If you live out of a suitcase, then I highly suggest you take a look at this bag.  This is personally my favourite as I can never find anything in my suitcase! 

There are other brands offering sustainable bags such as Everlane and Tumi - this is not an exhaustive list so go and take a look around for your perfect bag.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Luggage

Looking to upgrade your luggage for post-lockdown trips whether for business, staycation or abroad? Take a look at these sustainable luggage solutions.

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