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Hidden in the desert an Oasis in South America

In the desert the settlement of Huacachina is surrounded by the only natural Oasis in Peru

There is a legend that the oasis originated from a girl named Huacachina who was morning the death of her warrior and her tears created the lagoon.

The real reason is the underground current of a natural spring that is found in the middle of the Ica desert. Originally the waters were considered to be theraputic so many people travelled to just bath in the waters believing it would heal them.

To travel to Huacachina the only way is by private bus (no flights to this destination so keeping it still a hidden gem) from the city of Lima to Huacachina which takes 5 hours.

After endless views of desert dunes then out of know where appears a village and a lake framed by sand dunes - amazing!

With around 100 residents surrounding the oasis there are restaurants and hotels where you can enjoy local food and drink. The Ica desert produces some of the finest red wine in the area and the national drink called "Pisco" (a brandy) that is used in the local Pisco Sour Cocktail.

Stay for a few days to enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets from the top of the sand dunes over the oasis.

Fun activities of sand boarding (I have experienced this activity in Dubai, which is great fun, but a lot harder than it looks) and dune buggy rides on the biggest sand dunes in South America.

Highly recommend also taking a trip to Paracas located on the coast and is the largest National reserve consisting of desert, ocean and Islands in Peru. From here take a boat trip to visit the Ballesas Islands or known locally as the "Peruvian Galapagos" to see Humboldt penguins, sea lions and hundreds of birds.

Also two hours from Huacachina is the Nazca Lines that is one of the most famous historical sites in Peru.
Take a scenic flight to see from the air the remarkable drawings carved 1,500 years ago of monkeys, spiders and geometrical shapes.

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