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Sweden - Number One for Global Sustainable Tourism

Sweden - Number One for Global Sustainable Tourism

Out of 99 countries worldwide Sweden ranked top of the Euromonitor Internationals Sustainable Travel index. (Sustainable tourism)

This was based on seven key factors of sustainable tourism

- Environmental sustainability
- Social sustainability
- Economic sustainability
- Risk
- Sustainable demand
- Sustainable transport
- Sustainable lodging

Finland was 2nd place with Austria 3rd and interestingly the top 20 countries were in Europe. The UK has to do better as was only ranked 40th place. (5 places behind the USA)

Sweden are top as they were the first country to initiate a carbon tax for carbon-intensive fuels like oil and natural gas in 1995. This has led to having the highest percentage of renewable energy in the EU.
Sweden strives to become the worlds first fossil-fuel-free nation by 2050.

Other factors:
- only 1% of household waste goes to landfill
- 49% of waste is recycled
- 50% of garbage is combusted in power plants
- There are 34 waste to energy power plants in Sweden
- Sustainability is a high agenda on the governement's to do list and people are fully engaged to make a difference

To help with eco-tourism there are these initiatives in place:
- Sweden set up the first ecolabel "Natures Best" which assures tour operators are eco-certified.
- Providing experiences which protect the environment and introduces local culture
- More than 250 hotels hold the Nordic Eco Swan label
- Food bearing the KRAV label have been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.

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