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The Isle of Eigg Scotland

Britain's most eco-friendly Island - described as "the emerald of the Inner Hebrides"

The Isle of Eigg is situated by the west coast of the Scottish Highlands which is only 5 miles by 3 miles (kidney shaped) and has a population of less than 100 who own the Island. It is also the world’s first to use completely renewable energy; a community inspired project to electrify the whole Island.

It is powered by three renewable resources; wind, water, and sun to keep a continuous supply all year around. This has had a significant impact on reducing the communities carbon footprint and offers sustainable tourism.

To reach this beautiful Island there are passenger ferries from Arisaig or Mallaig (mainland Scotland) and in the summer months will stop when Minke whales or dolphins are spotted. No cars are allowed on the Island apart from residents.

There are many reasons to visit the Isle of Eigg, firstly for its abundance of nature.

With three areas of the Island established as wildlife reserves that is home to 196 species of birds, so very popular with walkers, ornithologists (bird experts) and botanists.

The Island is also dominated by the pitchstone ridge of An Sgurr, the largest of its kind in Europe. Many come to climb this rocky peak and once at the top there are amazing views across to the neighbouring Islands of Rum and Muck.

The Island is also home to musicians, craft workers and even has its own record label and holds many ceilidhs to concerts throughout the year.

They are constantly looking to increase business on the Island. they are looking to produce their own environmentally-friendly beer and are raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign to make this a reality.

To stay and enjoy these breath taking surroundings there is a choice of accommodation from self-catering cottages, yurts and a residential eco-centre which runs various eco-courses.

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