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Rhine Falls - Switzerland

The largest Waterfall in Europe

The river Rhine travels through four countries as it flows from the Alps to the North Sea. Rhine Falls are 17,000 years old, and have a drop of 23 meters and 150 meters wide, the water flows at its faster in the summer months.

Located in northern Switzerland near Schaffhausen and only 40 minutes from Zurich, so able to enjoy a two centre trip taking in the city and the falls. The falls can be reached by car, (large carparks are located on both sides of the fall) and rail stations located on both sides of the river. The rail bridge also has pedestrian access so allows visitors to walk completely around the falls.

There are also viewing platforms on either side of the river that takes you very close to the cascading river where you can expect to be covered in spray!

Another way to see the falls is by boat. There are many trips but I would like to take the route that travels to the middle rock and you can disembark from the boat and climb it - an amazing expereince to be in the heart of the falls!

Other activities at the falls:
- Laufen Castle is a 1000 year old castle that is worth a visit. It also offers magnificent views over the falls from two platforms and a glass elevator.
- Worth Castle also has a restaurant that offers amazing views towards the falls
- Rhyfall Express - Enjoy the scenery by travelling on the road train from the falls to Schaffhausen
- Rhyality Immersive Art Hall - • Unique 360-degree show about the Rhine Falls

Surrouding area:
- Winterthur, the city with its bustling Old Town is located 25 minutes from the Rhine Falls.
- Schaffhausen is one of the best preserved cities from the Middle Ages
- Lots of trails along the Rine river for walking and cycling

The Rhine river flows through six countries and they have all adopted the Rhine 2040 programme. The overall aim is to make the Rhine and its linking rivers/streams are climate resilient and to manage them in a sustainable way.

This programme has already seen developmnt in water protection and nature conservation. Also reconnected 160 old watercourses and backwaters has created new habitats. The dismantling and removal of 600 obstacles to fish migration now enable salmon to return to their former spawning habitats.
Switzerland has also launched #swissability to ensure sustainable tourism is at the heart of all travel and tourism.

To learn more about the Rhine Falls;

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