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Italy's Capital of Culture 2022 - Procida

Hidden Gem in the Bay of Naples

A tiny Island that won the Capital of Culture 2022

Last month the tiny Island of Procida was proudly named Italy's capital of Culture for 2022.

This is very significant as it is the first time an Island has ever been granted this prestigious title.

To earn this award the Island proposed a calendar of events that include art, urban regeneration, environmental sustainability that highlights the Island's history, culture, beauty and people.

The Island's community came together to pitch for this event and are very proud to have won.

Procida can be found in the bay of Naples - between Ischia and Capri - and is only two square miles in total with 10,500 inhabitants and tourists (mostly Italians) only visit in the summer vacations.

A hidden gem, that offers an authentic feel (slower pace of life) with beautiful pastel shaded houses, quaint narrow streets, fishing marinas, cafes serving the local delicacy, La lingua di bue pastry (flaky pastry with custard cream) historical sites and a wide choice of restaurants.

There are also tranquil beaches the most popular are Pozzo Vecchio for its black sands and soiaggia della Chiaiolella where you see the most stunning sunsets.

There is a tiny Island (nature reserve since 2002) next to Procida called Vivara which is the remains of a circular volcanic crater. This is privately owned and protected as it is an important natural beauty and archaeological heritage, so only open on certain days of the week and only two trips a day.

Interestingly, for such a small Island it has been the backdrop for big movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley and IL Postino.

It is worth a day trip (or a few nights) to see this unique Island.

More information on the Island can be found here:

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