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Eco-village Torre Superiore Italy

This beautiful small medieval village was derelict for a hundred years until it was restored in the 1990's to become an Ecovillage which is part of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

"A hidden gem" situated in the Ligurian Alps just a short distance from the Mediterranean Sea or the French border. Dating from the 13th century, the village is built on the side of a mountain that has three main buildings with over 160 vaulted rooms, all linked by a warren of stairways and terraces.

The village was restored to become a self-sufficient community with solar energy, organic agriculture following the seasons (making their own honey, jam, olive oil and bread). One half of the hamlet is a cultural centre and the other half is divided into 20 apartments.

The twenty residents share all meals and take care of cultural, social activities (around sustainability) and the eco-guesthouse that offers simple functional accommodation. This is shared with like-minded tourists and volunteers from around the world that can stay and learn with educational courses.

From the village there are several walks that cater for all fitness abilities. By car, you can visit the pretty villages of Breil and Fontan and the medieval towns of Dolceacqua, Apricale and Bayard (beautiful mountain views, ancient churches and Druidic place of worship),

The community has 5 cars between them, however, they actively encourage visitors to use the local transport.

This type of living is not for everyone. However, to see/take part in the community - at work and learn new skills that can be used at home - can only be good for the future sustainability we all need to undertake.

This very unique eco-village is part of the Global Eco-village Network where there are many similar villages located across the world. The network believes that every village needs to become an Ecovillage and every city a green city to be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030.

The Global Eco-village Network helps the creation of new or regeneration of eco-villages around the world either within or around urban areas. To establish green schools for the whole community transformation.

To learn more about GENs (Global Ecovillage Network) take a look here:

To learn more about this eco-village take a look here:

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